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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the main benefits to having a vacation planner is to have someone readily available to answer all of your questions before & during your vacation. Take note that some answers are opinion-based & every family is different. Part of my job is to learn about your family's wishes and needs for each of your vacations. While these are some frequently asked questions, the Walt Disney World Travel Company is ever-changing. I would love to guide you through this journey and be able to answer all of your questions. 


Why should I use a travel agent & how much does it cost? 

Using a travel agent is completely free. You literally pay the exact price you see on the Disney website. You are supporting a small business in the process. Whether you’re planning your first trip, your 10th trip, or just needing some ticket, please consider booking with a travel agent. As a travel agent, I work to get all of my clients the best deals, dining reservations, fast passes, special events & more. I build personal relationships with my clients, answer and/all questions during the process & am known to send lots of happies in preparation of your vacation ;) 


Why should I stay on Disney property? 

Here’s the quick answer, but stay tuned for a more in depth blog post.

There’s something magical about being in the Disney bubble. Early access to booking your fast passes. Extra magic hours for extra access to the parks before and after close. Ability to book your entire trip’s dining reservation 180 days in advance. No need for a vehicle with Disney transportation. With Disney promotions, you can often get Disney rooms cheaper than off-site hotels.  


What hotel should I choose?

This is where a vacation planner really helps you make the best decision for you & your family. Check out my description of each resort. After looking at the different options, I would love to discuss this in more detail with you. 


Can I choose where my room is at the resort? 

We can always place a request on the reservation for you. Location is also often dependent on what you purchase. For example, many resorts have standard, pool, preferred, savanna, lake, woods etc. views. For standard locations, you are often farther back into the resort & viewing a parking lot. For more preferred rooms, you are closer to the lobby & transportation and may have a better view. I can help you determine what location is best for you. 


What do I need to take to the park? 

My best advice is to pack light. Try to condense everything into one bag to speed up the park arrival/security process. Take what you feel like you will need and use that day, but try not to pack too much. Bags get heavy & we often find ourselves never using everything we took to the parks. I can now pack a small fanny pack most days. 


What’s the best schedule for toddlers?

We’ve spent many days in the Disney parks with toddlers. We do a lot of stroller naps & push through. If you’ve been to Disney with me, you know what I say, “you can sleep when we get home.” Have we also gone back to the room for naps? Absolutely. This often happens more towards the end of the week. Set your expectation that schedules with toddlers won’t always go as planned, and that’s ok. 


What is the deposit for a Disney World vacation? 

Disney only requires a $200 deposit, and it’s fully refundable! Final payment on packages isn’t due until 30 days prior to traveling. You can always change your package dates & components pending availability. 


What kind of transportation does Disney offer? 

The Magical Express (bus) is available to & from Orlando International Airport (MCO). This is a free service for those staying on Disney property. All resorts have bus transportation to all parks & Disney Springs. Several resorts have additional transportation options to include monorail, ferries, and the Skyliner. In addition to the complimentary options mentioned before, Disney also offers Minnie Vans that are private vehicles offering transportation around the Walt Disney World property. Fees to apply. 


Are park hoppers worth it?

Park hopping is the only way to go for my family, but for some, one park a day is enough. Why do we like to park hop? My kids constantly want to be back at Magic Kingdom, but we like to visit all of the parks. We often find ourselves spending time at other parks but finishing the afternoon/night at Magic Kingdom for extra time there. 


How do fast passes work?

Each person is given 3 fast passes to start their day. These can be preplanned. With a fastpass, you typically have a one-hour window to enter the attraction through the fast pass line (much shorter & faster). After using all 3 fast passes, you will be able to book one at the time on the app. Use that fast pass, then book another all day. The way your fast passes are booked can make or break your trip. As a vacation planner, I plan all of my fast passes with my clients & get up early to get them the best options. 


Can you rent a stroller?

Yes, I recommend Kingdom Strollers. If flying into Orlando International Airport, you can pick them up at the airport! If not, you can meet them at the resort when you arrive. 


Which meal plan should I purchase?

This is very specific to the family. Most of my clients purchase the Disney Dining Plan or the Disney Dining Plan Plus. Let’s discuss your dining preferences to determine which plan will give you the best value. 


Is there enough for little ones to do at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely! People are shocked when they see my park guides for the littles. In Magic Kingdom alone, there are over 20 attractions for even the littlest littles. 


Should I purchase the memory maker? 

Memory maker is a must! Momma, how often do you get in the picture? With the memory maker, you can! You’re going to want all of the pictures in front of the parks/castle, on rides, with characters and more. These are not cell-phone pictures ;) If traveling in a group, you one need one purchase of memory maker--you can all share. 


What should I do if my child isn’t tall enough to go on a ride but other party members can?

Disney does a wonderful job offering a rider-swap program. Ask for a rider-swap prior to going on the ride. Part of the party can go ahead and ride, while at least one family member & littles wait back. When the others get finished riding, you can swap & now ride with 2 others. This is a great way for your littles (that are tall enough) to get to ride twice!


What’s the best park for littles? 

This is hard. While I love all of the parks, even for my littles, Magic Kingdom is their favorite. 


What are the best meals on Disney property? 

I could talk about dining at Disney all day long. We have so many favorites, but for now, I’ll give you 2: Ohana dinner & 1900 Parkfare dinner. 


How do I get to different restaurants & parks? 

Transportation can be tricky! You can get to any resort from the parks. If going from a resort to a resort, you often need to transfer at a park or take a Minnie Van. Did you know that all of my clients get a custom itinerary telling them the best way to get to each park/dining reservation? 


My kids want to buy things, but I don’t want to carry them all day? 

When you purchase things, let the cashier know you’d like your item to be delivered to the resort. They’ll keep the package for you & deliver it to your resort within a day or 2. 


What if we arrive at the resort & our room isn’t ready? Will Disney hold our bags so we can go to the park?

They sure will. Leave our bags at the bellman & head out. We also do this on departure day also. We will leave our bags at the resort & get a few park hours in before jumping on the Magical Express to head back to the airport.


Can I use Disney gift cards for my package or in the parks?

Yes. Disney gift cards can be used on any Disney vacation package. They can also be used in the parks at restaurants & in stores. 


What should I budget for other than my Disney package?

You will want to factor in gratuities at restaurants, parking fees (if bringing a vehicle), souvenirs, and a little bit of cash for bellman services.


What do magic bands do & should I get them?

You are definitely going to want a magic band. There are tons of cute designs on the Disney website, in your My Disney Account, and in the Disney parks. Magic bands serve as your room key, charging card at restaurants/sorts, access to dining credits, and access to memory maker. Disney tries to be very hands-free & magic bands allow just that. 


When should I go to Disney? 

Any day at Disney is better than any day not at Disney ;) There are certain times of the year that are best to go, as well as certain times to avoid. Reach out to me for this ever-changing information. 

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