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Top 5 Reasons You Should Book With Us and Experience the Disney With The Littles Difference!

As a parent, you probably dream of taking your children to experience the magic of Disney. Watching their faces light up at the sight of the EARidescent 8 or their favorite princesses waving happily down Main Street USA during Disney’s famous parades, or watching the fireworks light up Cinderella’s castle – Am I right? It all looks so magical and easy. That is until you get down to the nitty-gritty of actually planning the trip.

What is a park hopper ticket? How many days do I need? Do I need character dining? Which one is the best? What is Genie + and do I actually need it? Which resort is the best? Speaking of– should I even stay on-site at a Disney resort?

People ask all the time “Should I use a travel agent to book a Disney vacation?” The answer… a resounding YES and here’s why you should not only use a travel agent but you should use Disney With The Littles.

1. Using a travel agent is completely FREE to you.

Yep. I said it – FREE. There is really no reason why you SHOULDN'T use a travel agent. Whether you’re planning your first trip, your 10th trip, or just needing some tickets, please consider booking with a travel agent. As travel agents, we work to get our clients the best deals, dining reservations, fast passes, special events & more. At Disney With The Littles, we build personal relationships with our clients, answer any and/or all questions during the process & are known to send lots of happies in preparation for your vacation! All that nitty-gritty I talked about before? We do it for you and without any cost to you. So sit back, and let us wave our magic wand and watch the magic happen.

2. We book your dining reservations so you don’t have to.

Now, I am going to add a disclaimer here– not ALL travel agents are created equal. Here at Disney With The Littles, we pride ourselves on giving our clients exclusive perks when they book with us and this is one of them. We book your dining so you don’t have to! You choose your must-have dining experiences and we book them for you the minute they become available during your reservation window! For those hard-to-get dining reservations, like Cinderella’s Royal Table, we do all we can to get those for you.

3. Each trip is completely personalized to fit YOUR family's needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Disney vacations. Every family’s needs are different and in turn, every Disney trip we book is different. When you book with us you get personalized itineraries on each of your park days, one on one help with Genie +, access to our exclusive transportation service, and so much more!

4. We have an exclusive Facebook group JUST for our families who travel with us.

Wondering which stroller is best? Do you want to know all the best tips and tricks? What should you bring with you to the park? Get the answer to all of those questions and MORE in our exclusive Disney With The Littles families Facebook group!

5. You’ll get access to your very own Pixie who will help you book all of your favorite rides!

Don’t wait in line for hours for your favorite ride. Let us help! When you book with Disney With The Littles, you get the opportunity to purchase an exclusive add-on called the “Pixie Package”. Your pixie will wake up early on your park days, so you don’t have to, and book your must-have rides for the day! How cool is that? Sleep in AND get the most out of your park day! We’d call that a WIN!

Ready to make magic happen?

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Hello and welcome to Disney With The Littles blog! I’m Hannah: Disney travel blogger, wife to Justin and mom to Aiden and Mills (you may see them bouncing around)! I love to share my tips and tricks for planning Disney vacations with others. Follow along—I hope this information helps you plan your magical vacation. If you’d like to take advantage of our complimentary, concierge service, head over to my about page and request a quote!

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